JOYROLL 3 Event Wrap-up + Video

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Tom Mosher | 0 comments

For years I have been visiting Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park to ride either FGFS or BMX.  It's an epic 'bikes only' park just north of Toronto where I live that is a mecca for many people in that world.  Over the last year I have been completely blindsided by an obsession for rollerblading.  This year in blading has been a great experience and a lot of surprising opportunities have come along with many new friends.  

Anyways, long story short, in whatever obscure sport I wind up in I inevitably wind up throwing events/contests/jams of some sort.  I find it a fun challenge to conceptualize and orchestrate these gatherings, the reward of seeing the smiles on all the faces leaves me feeling almost selfish for the joy I get from that!

A few weekends ago we hosted a unique event at Joyride 150 where we took over their epic 'bikes only' skatepark and instead invited out rollerbladers from all over the area. People travelled from all over the Greater Toronto Area, as well as many that came in from much further away!  It was our third go at this silly concept but a lot of people came out and claimed they had a great time which makes all the hard work seem worth it!  The space has such a huge range of fun things to play on that there was something for everyone.  Big thanks to Erik Burrow from Shop Task for helping me pull this one together!  And thanks to all the sponsors that generously chipped in prizes for the event.  We gave away an IBEX as the big prize and lots of people got to check the bag out up close.

Cameron Card and his buddy Jimmy Hake drove up from Woodward, PA and made a great video of their trip.  It's 16 minutes of your time well invested! Toronto Trip V2


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