Chill Seeker Camp Chair Kickstarter Launch!!

Posted on July 19, 2016 by Tom Mosher | 0 comments

We are excited to finally show off our fun new camp chair, the Chill Seeker!  It's made from all the same great materials we trust in our bags and gives you back support that allows you to comfortably chill pretty much anywhere.  It comes in two versions, with and without the external drink pockets.  The pockets are lined with Primaloft insulation which keeps beverages hot or cold as desired!

We're running this funding drive primarily to purchase equipment and tools that will allow us to improve efficiencies within our small studio space.  We don't like it when companies try to claim that they can't make the offered product without your help.  I can fully make these, look, I have pictures! But if we raise these funds then we can purchase the necessary fiberglass support rods at much more favourable prices and also get our space nicely dialed in.

Check it out and go back the campaign if you're into it!


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