A New Year!

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January 1st, 2016!

The nine images you all liked best.

With excitement we welcome the arrival of 2016.  This past year has been quite a rollercoaster of challenges and rewards.  Much of the year was dominated with work related to the very successful Kickstarter campaign.  There was a ton of effort put in during the run up to launching it, little did we know that it would ultimately raise 340% of our goal.  Needless to say this left a daunting amount of work to be done but we just put our heads down and plowed through the 240ish backpacks we committed to building and delivering around the world.  With all that work done and behind us it feels good to know that we were able to tackle even a crazy challenge like that in a mostly efficient manner. Lots of lessons were learned too, when you have to do a certain step hundreds of times it's worth taking the time to figure out how to do it the most efficiently!

While getting that mountain of work done we also managed to juggle a variety of smaller side gigs and design projects to keep the lights on and our minds stimulated.  Let me just say that there are many fun prototypes being tested and refined that will be launching very soon.  We're excited to keep progressing and improving what we do.  A big focus going forward will be more attention given to the website. There will be lots more content and stuff to look and and special deals.  Hopefully making it more fun and interesting to bother visiting our site!

Anyways, big year ahead! Thanks for all the love and support everyone!

PS Thanks to Ash Timlin for the amazing shot of her dog that is the cover shot right now!

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