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Hello friends,

I've been trying to find ways to catch up on orders and to keep customers happy but I am falling increasingly behind.  I feel like right now my only option is to close the web store to focus on outstanding orders without taking on further workload.  Some people have been saints with their patience, while others have (understandably) become tired of waiting for me to complete their orders.  It pains me to know I have upset people that have put their faith in me, but I simply can't keep up right now.

I want to be open and honest without trying to make excuses, but I have been going through a very challenging period that leaves me with almost zero time to complete all this work.  Due to those circumstances I have fallen behind and have been finding it difficult to catch up.  Hopefully with my circumstances stabilizing and no new orders being taken I can finally complete all remaining orders and then I will take some time to assess the best path forward.

Thank you for understanding.



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